Ronny Deila

Ronny Deila to leave Celtic at the end of the season

With the current Celtic manager announcing that he will leave Celtic at the end of the season, the club is left with the task of finding a suitable replacement.

There have been some media reports that Ryan Giggs might be a potential replacement for Deila, but so far there has been no confirmation from the former Manchester United player. However, it is believed that Giggs would want to wait for a decision from the Manchester United board about his future role at the club.

Ronny Deila confident on Team Backing

Ronny Deila is quite certain that he would keep having the backing of the Celtic faithful till the time he is the team chief.

This is the second Celtic campaign to be overseen by Deila and this one is proving to be a bit more difficult than the first one.

Back to back wins the previous week gave him a bit of a breathing ground though as his team is now 4 points clear at the top, but, Deila is not ignorant to the fact that his job is on the edge.

And, it’s some of the fans too who are amongst the discontent voices.

Ronny Deila has come down hard on people

Ronny Deila has come down hard on people who have been criticizing his team for a couple of below average performances in Europe of late.

According to Deila, people are looking to hurt the Celts somehow and that’s why, they have been so adamant on saying negative things.

Deila reckons when a club happens to be consistent and enjoys a high rate of success, it has to face negativity as well at some point of time, but, in those periods, it’s important to ensure unity within the group.

Ronny Deila still feels that Team is Performing well even after many loss in League

Ronny Deila is just not ready to admit the fact that his team is not playing as well as it was at the start of the ongoing season.

The manager reckons the Scottish Premiership Champions are progressing well and are on track to defend their title.

If somebody has a look at the table right now, he would support the remark of Deila because the Celts are still two points clear at the top, but, the truth is that in the last two games that they have played, they have just not looked the kind of team that they are known to be.