Ronny Deila has come down hard on people

Ronny Deila has come down hard on people who have been criticizing his team for a couple of below average performances in Europe of late.

According to Deila, people are looking to hurt the Celts somehow and that’s why, they have been so adamant on saying negative things.

Deila reckons when a club happens to be consistent and enjoys a high rate of success, it has to face negativity as well at some point of time, but, in those periods, it’s important to ensure unity within the group.

Speaking to the media, Deila said, “The voices coming from outside are not going to rattle me until I know I’ve got my whole squad together.”

“When you are a big club, these things happen. You are always under scrutiny. One poor show and everyone is after you. But, as long as you are not letting that affect you, you are fine.”

When asked if he reckons the criticism that is happening at the moment is fair, the manager said, “Well, you see where we stand at the moment. We are at the top of the Premiership. League Cup, we’re in Round of 4.”

“In Europe, yes, maybe we would have liked to be slightly better than we have been, but, is there any other side from Scotland in Europe? Even the Scottish national side, are they in Europe? The answer is no and that gives you the idea how hard it is to compete in Europe. However, we back ourselves. We believe we can make it to Champions League again, but, as I said, we have to be together.”
The next European opponent that Celtic is going to take on is Molde. That game is to be played on the 5th of this month at Celtic Park.