Ronny Deila confident on Team Backing

Ronny Deila is quite certain that he would keep having the backing of the Celtic faithful till the time he is the team chief.

This is the second Celtic campaign to be overseen by Deila and this one is proving to be a bit more difficult than the first one.

Back to back wins the previous week gave him a bit of a breathing ground though as his team is now 4 points clear at the top, but, Deila is not ignorant to the fact that his job is on the edge.

And, it’s some of the fans too who are amongst the discontent voices.

However, you could not say so if you had been present at the Rugby Park the other night where Celtic took on the hosts Kilmarnock.

There was extraordinary support in that away game which would surely have been heart warming for Deila and would have given him confidence too.

But, he said he was not a single bit surprised by it. He expected that.

According to Deila, the Celtic fans are attached to their club by heart and he is the one who is leading Celtic and till the time, he is in that position, they would always get behind him in spite of the fact that they disagree or raise questions to some of his moves.

It also does not look like unsettling Deila that there are a few of the jobless Football coaches around who have been linked to his job of late and they themselves have fuelled the rumours too by their statements.

The 40-year old Norway native is just taking everything in his stride and is putting all his energy in making it a double for the second time in a row for Celtic which is not impossible from here.