Watch out Celtic

Football in Scotland is just simply not as big in England and it’s easy to understand why, for a start Scottish teams are from Scotland and so why would English people support them. Secondly and probably most importantly the teams are not up to the same standards as the English Premier League and teams like Chelsea and Man Utd. This however does not stop Scottish people from enjoying their local teams battle it out each week in order to take victory and move up the table. There are a couple of teams that can compete with everyone else and you often see them get to the European championships.

Two of these teams are Celtic and Rangers, there is a huge rivalry between these two teams and so they have been competing for the top of the table for years and years. Unfortunatly for Rangers though they were relegatde all the way down to the third Scottish division where they now have a long fight ahead of them in order to get back to the top where they once were. This has left Celtic alone at the top of the Premier Scottish league where they are starting to dominate and look incredibly likely to take the title this year. Just like Celtic, Rangers are at the top of their division and are looking like they will be promoted this year quite easily.

Both of these teams are safe bets to win their respective divisions and you can see this reflected in the odds given to them by the bookies. So why not go ahead and check the live odds on the teams and place a bet at an online bookies, betting is nothing more than clicking a button on a website these days and anyone can do it. This is also true for the fantastic casino games that an online casino like Lucky Nugget also offers – picture your favourite card game or your perfect slots machine and it is a safe bet (excuse the pun) that it will be on Lucky Nugget.

One thing that may have disappointed Celtic fans however is the lack of Old Firm derbies now Rangers are down. The Old Firm has got to be one of the most intense derbies in football – right up there with El Classico, the Merseyside derby or the Manchester clash. At least this does guarantee that the next Old Firm to be played will not be one to miss!