Scott Allan became a big fan of Brendan Rodgers

Scott Allan became a big fan of Brendan Rodgers in only one and half months he had with him at Celtic.

As per Allan, he already got more from Rodgers in that little time than what he had got from Ronny Deila during his entire reign.

Allan was quoted as, “The past season with Ronny in charge was not much of a learning experience. I was not able to understand my situation. I mean when you do well as a substitute, you think that you will start at some point and I think I was an impressive substitute on a few occasions and expected that I would be on the team sheet the next weekend, but, I was always out of the starting eleven. However, under the new coach, I really liked it. It was straight and easy. He is such an accurate coach and talks about everything in length and elaborates everything.”

On asked if he should have resisted the temptation of leaving the English second division and moving to Scotland, Allan answered, “No, there was no point turning it down. Everyone wants to go to big clubs and so did I and moreover, when you are getting into something, you don’t know how it will unfold. I agree I would have wanted more for myself in terms of the opportunities, but, I wouldn’t say coming here was a mistake.”

About the complexities he faced off the pitch during his debut season at Celtic, the 24-year old midfielder said, “I think I had not had this much of scrutiny on me before and you get fed up of it especially when you are a married man and your family stays with you and you have a little kid. You want to do certain things, but, you can’t because people are following you everywhere.”