Neil Lennon may return to Celtic FC

The Bolton boss Neil Lennon has not ruled out the possibility of going back to his previous club Celtic FC in the coming years.

According to the 43-year old, while leaving the Scottish club, he had let the CEO Peter Lawwell know that he would not mind returning sometime down the line in future.

Lennon managed Celtic for a period of 4 years and made them win quite a few trophies.

With Lennon at helm, the Celts became the winner of the Scottish Premiership thrice.

Even during the last season, they achieved glory finishing 29 points clear at the top of the table which suggests where they stand in comparison to other clubs in Scotland and a lot of credit goes to Lennon for taking the level of their game so high.

This summer, Lennon moved to England to take a different sort of challenge at Bolton Wanderers and he is feeling a bit of heat there.

The Wanderers are just above the danger zone in the English second division table at the moment, but, Lennon can’t be criticized too much for that.

This is just the first season for the Irishman and he, obviously, needs a year or two to settle in.

In his interview to a newspaper recently, when Lennon was asked if his return to Celtic is possible, he said, “Of course. Everything is possible in professional football.

Despite the fact that I am not associated with Celtic anymore, I still have friends and well wishers there and I had told them that if they need me in future, I would be available.”

“However, I want to develop myself as manager before I think about making my way back to Celtic. I am currently enjoying this new challenge.”