Jackson Irvine has called out to Tom Rogic, naming him the Celtic boss go-to man at the club.

Irvine, who once featured for Celtic, without breaking through for almost five years, has applauded the arrival of Rodgers at the club, saying it was all Rogic needed to soar to greater heights.

Tom Rogic, who has made about 12 appearances in all competitions for the club, has netted a total of seven times, thus giving credence to his current top form.
The 23 year old Irvine has been quoted saying,

"Brendan Rodgers has placed his trust in Tom and he won't have disappointed,"

"When Brendan came to the club, I said at the time he'd be the club's best signing of the season and it's been great for the club and also for Tom.

"Last season, he was behind four of five players in the pecking order for that role just in behind the strikers. But that's all changed under Brendan Rodgers and he's been in superb form this season.

In the Scottish Premier League, Celtic so far has dominated, leading the rest of the team's, with 10 points clear of the second on the table. Rumors and opinions already have it that Celtic would be heading home with the crown.

Irvine believes that all this would not have been possible without Rogic, as he claims he is a big part of it all.

However, it has not always been rosy for Rogic, as injuries had set him back some while ago, but at the moment, he is in top form. Irvine hopes Celtic would go ahead with the help of the player, and onto the UEFA Champions League, defeating top clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid, to get to the final stages of the competition.