Celtic all set to sign Holmbert Fridjonsson

Celtic is all set to end the signing of striker Holmbert Aron Fridjonsson. According to reports, the twenty year old has accorded personal conditions on a 3 year deal and would officially join when January transfer window opens.

Fridjonsson is now in Scotland and he would formally end his # 100000 deal within the next twenty four hours. The Scottish club also has the option to cover his deal for a 4th year. Even though he is not able to officially resolve his transfer till January, yet Holmbert would start training with Neil Lennon's team at the beginning of December. The Iceland under 21 footballer has scored twelve goals in his twenty three appearances for his club in 2013 season.

On Tuesday, Holmbert's representative Olafur Gardarsson spoke to a television channel and told that he is a striker who scores goals. He is a very promising footballer. Holmbert Aron Fridjonsson is very happy. He went on trial with a team in Netherland and he liked it there. But he also liked it here. Fridjonsson felt very welcome here and he was liked by Neil Lennon. Terefore, he is very pleased.

He added that Fridjonsson is confident. He knows quite well that he has to work very hard and the season in Iceland was over 2 months ago. Therefore, he is not exactly match fit now. He knows that it is not easy to walk into a top club like Celtic. Still, he would give his best for the Scottish team.