The Celtic manager Neil Lennon has said that the 4-0 win over Hearts was one of the best performances of the season, while they should strive to maintain this over the rest of the season. Celtic have been struggling in the last few weeks in all competitions, which has even led to rumours that the manager Neil Lennon will resign from his position as the Celtic manager.

Neil Lennon threatened a few days ago that he will resign from his position is fans do not give more patience to him. Celtic have already dropped 17 points this season, while they dropped on the 21 points during the course of the last season.

The recently managed a 4-0 win over Hearts amidst this poor form, which surprised the manager. After the match, Neil Lennon said that he is extremely happy with the performance of his players, who have now given the benchmark to follow for the rest of the season. Celtic were coming into the match on the back of the 1-0 defeat against Inverness during the weekend. The poor run of form has meant that fans briefly forgot the exciting victories against Spartak Moscow and the history win over Barcelona. Lennon has said that he would have been happy even with a 1-0 victory.

“They have set the bar and I know they are capable of those performances. I have seen it time and again. It was a performance I was looking for, regardless of the result. If we had won 1-0 I would have been delighted but to win it so emphatically was so pleasing. It was a great performance. There was a real intensity about them and I got the reaction I was looking for," said Lennon after the match. Celtic are currently one point clear at the top of the Scottish Premier league.